ministerio donando el corazon de jesus

It is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that provides financial assistance and support services to neglected cancer patients to help meet their most urgent needs. Because every patient must worry about being well.

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We are a non-profit organization eager to share the love and mercies that God gave us. Because we believe that love transforms, liberates, heals and satisfies others. This ministry First was born in the heart of God then it grew in that of Jesus and He told us to bless others because The Fruit of the Holy Spirit gave them.

Maria Sandoval

Founder & President


Our mission is global and is focused on satisfying the basic needs of the human being, from reconciliation and an encounter with Christ as well as supplying affection, food, shelter, shelter, health and a sense of human esteem. We want to form and be supportive people who do not live for themselves but for others; people with the ability to receive and give love; people who are hungry and thirsty for justice. Matthew 5: 6-9


Matthew 22: 37-39 You will love your neighbor as yourself. We as ambassadors of Christ are called to a global mission aimed at the reconstruction of the person in every aspect of his life, both spiritually and materially, both physically and psychically, both personally and personally. social, both privately and publicly. Love of God is inseparable from neighbor.

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We believe that recording and remembering what God does in our lives is an essential part of being a community.

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